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As long as I can remember I have always believed in Jesus Christ. I have always believed that He is my one true savior. My Mom and Dad brought me up in a Catholic church and I am very thankful to them and to the church for my teachings. Later in life I would go to church off and on and when I had a buck or two I would give it in the plate. Going to the Assembly of God Christian Center the first time was very uncomfortable and I never believed I would go back there again. For two years, my wife had been secretly praying for us as a family to belong to a church that felt like family and have more fellowship with God and his people. Something deep inside me (the Holy Spirit) told me to return to church. Keep in mind that I was a Catholic going to a Pentecostal church where people show their emotions and love for God and with each other. A few years ago there was a family in our church who lost two of their daughters 14,18 years old in a car accident. The parents were not the only ones that hurt, the whole church body hurt. The small city of Vergennes. Vergennes pulled together and even the public school system asked our church leaders to come in and pray with the kids. The school told our Pastor that they have never seen so much love and caring from any church. What I am saying is that even a public school can see how amazing God can heal and work in all of our lives.

I want to make this very clear I have always told my wife in the past that I would never go to any other church except a Catholic church. I believe in all of my heart that God lead me to this church. The first Sunday I returned to The Assembly of God Christian Center, where I was welcomed and felt every spiritual need filled inside me. I have never been so excited to go to church. Our Pastor then Dennis Marquardt (Senior Pastor) spoke like nobody I have ever heard. I received a gift every week from his sermons and can't put in to words how much he and others in our church have changed my life. Pastor Arthur Adams
one Amazing man of God, continued were Pastor Marquardt left off.
I am nowhere near perfect and need to continually work harder, but I know when my Father takes me home I will be ready and Hope He will be proud of the things I have done in my life for Him. I pray that he tells me “Well Done Good And Faithful

Our Former Church
The Assembly of God Christian Center

Located in Vergennes, Vermont Route 7
Phone: 802-877-3903
eMail: agccvt@comcast.net

Go ahead click the picture of our church to see the New Updated Site

                                                          New Life Assembly
                             Pastor Brian LaCount and his wife,                                             Click the Church above to see the
                               Kim and there little Corgi Shire                                                           Church website.           


If you would like to hear the sermons preached at New Life Assembly

New Life Assembly
"Reflecting the Light - God's Son"
304 Hill Street
Barre, Vermont
Worship Service: Sunday 10:00AM
Sunday School and Nursery: Infant through fourth grade during the service
Wednesday Evening Dinner & Bible Study: 6:00 - 7:30 PM

Here are a few videos that we found, they are very good and make you think.

These are just short videos that make you think about if you're ready for the end times......Are you ready?


                                       Are You Ready                                                      "In The Blink Of A Eye"
                                         Click Here                                                               The Rapture
                                           To See                                                                   Will Happen.


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